Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet…

6a72b542665d7830705899fabe190ad2Bullet vibes really are most peoples introduction to sex toys. Somehow its more acceptable to buy something cute like these rather than a giant donger! You and your friends can talk about how “Sex & the City” it is to have one in the shape of a lipstick… (that was me by the way). Sex toys are changing. I was amazed as a newbie coming into this industry how much they have evolved in just a few years. Bullets are no exception. These little treasures have moved on so much in the sex toy revolution and are now something special!  They are pocket sized rockets thats will have you quaking in your boots!

Bullets are a brilliant toy to use for a quick solo play with no lube or fuss as they get the job done in a flash and are mostly pretty quiet so no one knows what you’re up to! They also make an amazing tool for partner play too. Use them in foreplay or during sex to get you there way quicker. They’re not just for us ladies either, many cock rings come with bullet vibes attached this is because they feel great on the penis (as well as hitting your clit in the process but back to the penis) and on guys balls too. Holding it in your hand in a hand job is pretty lush so I’m told!

On a serious note, they really are a great way to open the door into the wide and frankly daunting world of the vibrator and they are super affordable too!

We have loads of amazing bullets & mini’s here at BOXXX and I have picked my personal top 3 for your delectation…


No 1: The Simplicity Bullet £12

b011w1b011v5This blissful little bullet is powerful but petite – giving your sex life a kick where it counts. This toy is ideal for solo use or partner play and I love the pop of purple for a splash of colour.

It’s petite in size and features 7 functions that range from mellow to intense. The ergonomic design is perfectly suited to your body, allowing you to hold and use this toy easily. This bullet is made from high quality silicone and ABS plastic that’s hygienic and easy to clean. The touch buttons are super easy to use for uninterrupted play.

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No 2: Rain Power Bullet £15

This awesome Rain bullet is packed with more features for more fun. It’s sassy and pretty and features a textured design for added sensation and we’re all about the extras when it comes to intensity.

This bullet vibrator has 7 functions in the form of 3 speeds and 4 vibration functions. The 3 inch length makes this a petite pop of power when you’re in need of precise pleasure. This toy has a wet-look design and the texture is designed to mimic 3D water droplets. These vibrators are unique, as each toy is hand finished to perfection. This toy is battery operated and is the perfect travel treat. The Rain vibe comes in Blue, Purple, Pink, Silver and Fuschia.

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No 3: The JimmyJane Intro 1 £20

jj12439_1-1Portable pleasure has never been easier – or more luxurious! The JimmyJane INTRO 1 mini vibe features 3 modes and 3 speeds and the petite size makes it the perfect pick for on-the-go pleasure. This mini vibrator is simple, powerful and exceptionally easy to use.  Made from medical grade silicone so it’s body safe and phthalate free for safe regular use. This toy is waterproof, and you can use it in the shower, the bath and beyond. It’s the perfect vibrator for traveling, but the smaller size and easy design make it great for beginner vibe users, too. In pink, this bold too and adds plenty of colour to your toy drawer. It’s petite and powerful and we love that you can carry it with you for anytime pleasure!

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